Picture of Wooden Garden Trellis for Climbing Vegetable Plants

Step 1: Selecting Lumber and Getting Tools

Picture of Selecting Lumber and Getting Tools

Purchase a bundle of lumber.  I choose to buy 48"x1.5"x0.25"pine due to the low cost.  Select 32 pieces that are straight and lay flat.  I used a small diameter drill bit for predrilling holes, and 0.5" length screws #2 diameter for fastening the wood.

how much did this set you back in total?
gehone (author)  Building Books4 years ago
I remember the lumber costing 5 dollars and the screws cost 2 dollars, all this was purchased at The Home Depot.
pfred2 gehone3 years ago
I got sticker shock last year when I was at the big orange box store looking at pre-assembled trellises they had. Yours seems much more reasonably priced to me. I need to make something for my beans this year.
Sharad4 years ago
How should the wood be protected from fungus or any other infection?

gehone (author)  Sharad4 years ago
I had planned for the wood to weather and deteriorate, but anyone who wants to preserve their trellis can do so by painting or staining the wood.
Sharad gehone4 years ago
Thanks. You have shown a very nice method for making a trellis.

gehone (author) 4 years ago
Nothing has sprouted yet.