Step 8: Assembling And Finishing The Clock

Picture of Assembling And Finishing The Clock
I slide the gears on the axles and place them in their slots. Place the face over the axles and secure it with the 1/4" dowels. The Escape Gear and Levers go on the back with the Pendulum. I created 2 square bars across the back to hang it on the wall. These are raised away from the back of the clock using 1/4" dowels and allow a place to attach the pendulum.

Well, here are some pictures of the assembled clock. I need to do a little sanding here and there, and add a finish as well as numbers, but it is finished for the most part.

Being that this was my first clock, I didn't get too complicated and left the hour and minute hand on separate axis. To combine them, as on most clocks, there would be more gearing, and axles that slip over one and other.

There are a few things that I plan on improving. First is the look. I know it's not the most appealing clock, but I was more focused on function. Replacing the front board with Plexiglas is one idea. The gears look great, and I'd like to show them off more. The other thing I'd like to improve is my scroll saw skills. I cut a LOT of gears that made it into the kindling box.
gogiva5 years ago
Only one word: beautiful. I will try to make one.
robwok7 years ago
Beautiful. I built a wrebbit paper clock once and have been hooked ever since. I've collected a few paper clocks since then, but really want to build a wooden one. I have a complete wood shop, but have been too busy building furniture and cabinets. I like your method of cutting the gears with a drill and scroll saw. I wanted to build a wooden "gear cutter" but I think the more complexity, the less likely I'll actually build it.