All you will need is:

A saw (scroll saw) reccomended

A dremel or sandpaper

A small piece of thin wood (any will do)

Wood stain (varnish,polyurethane)

This project is quick and takes about ten minuites or so!

This is my first instructible so i hope you enjoy!!

Step 1: First of All You Need to Have Thin Peice of Wood Any Wood Will Work

Step 2: Next You Need to Trace the Outline of a Guitar Pick

Step 3: Then With Your Scrollsaw Cut Out the Pattern

Step 4: Then Use Your Dremel or Sandpaper to Sand Down the Edges to the Desired Thickness

I reccomend it be thin enough to keep it in between the guitar strings

Step 5: Then Stain and Customize As You Want

Step 6: Enjoy Your Wooden Guitar Pick!!

I made it! I tried it with mdf fibreboard, and plywood. See www.instructables.com/id/Plectrumpick-made-of-fibreboard-and-plywood
<p>It's a funny tiny project to make a guitar pick out of wood.</p><p>When I inherited a classical guitar from my Friend I restorated it and after that I started to make tiny things like this. A soundhole cover, wooden and bone saddle, a cejilla, some picks. I made the picks out of acacia and beef leg bone. I plan to make some with rubber grip on it. We can call it a spolier. :)</p><p>Yours one is turned out great!</p>
<p>That's cool!</p>

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