I love when my father plays guitar so I felt creative and made a couple of classic pics for Father's Day.

Step 1: Materials

Use any wood, but using hardwood will make it much less likely to break while playing.

Step 2: Trace and Cut

Trace any guitar pic that has a satisfying shape or create a stencil. Then using a coping saw cut it out roughly

Step 3: Sand

Sanding is SO important, it really pops the grain. The grits I used were 100, 220, 400, 800, and even used a scrap of leather to polish the wood. (Because oil will make it difficult to grip resulting in a guitar pic lost in an acoustic hole)

Step 4: Use or Share

Whether you use, display, sell, or give to a friend, try to adjust your pic to your comfort.
Now those are fancy. Good job
wow Josh, these are beautiful
They are strong enough but I recommend using hardwood for obvious reasons
<p>They look great, but are they strong enough to be used on a guitar? I'd fear they just break.</p>
Wonderful project! As a guitar player myself, I may have to try this!
<p>Wow! They look great. I like the knots and wood grain.</p>

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