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Well I had intended on making this into an instructable, but low and behold, I forgot to take pictures during the making.  I did however include solidworks plans that one should be able to follow.
Solidworks File
12"x1"x6' Pine Board
4"x1"x6' Pine Board
3"x1"x8' Pine Board
28 1 3/4' Inch Screws
Wood Putty
1 Pint Prestain
1 Pint Gunstock Stain
1 Aresol Can Semi Gloss Varnish

Circular Saw
Jig Saw
Mouse Sander w/ 220 Grit
Router W/ 3/8" and 1/4" Quarter Round Bits
Steel Wool
Swiffer Dust Cloth (Great for applying the stain)
China Marker
Medium Grit Foam Sanding Blocks


Lotus14 (author)2017-05-09

i can't download the SW file...any suggestions?

iamtoats (author)2010-08-02

Woah. Do you have a Schecter C-1 and an old Schecter Omen-6? I have both of those guitars! Nice stand. I'll have to build one... I'm running out of places to lean all of my guitars...

Tecknojock (author)iamtoats2010-08-02

Honestly, I don't know a thing about guitars. Those are my brother's guitars and I just made the stand for his birthday.

iamtoats (author)Tecknojock2010-08-03


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