Picture of Wooden Guitar Stand
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Step 1: Tools & Materials

Picture of Tools & Materials
1. 3 1/2' to 4' length of 1x2

2. wood glue

3. Dremel

4. hand saw

5. pencil for marking

6. sand paper block

Step 2: Designing The Shape

Picture of Designing The Shape
This stand consists of 4 pieces of wood. Both of the legs are made of two pieces of wood glued together on an angle. The legs are connected by a union piece that has two angled cuts which gives the stand it's teepee shape.

The first thing you want to is grab your 1x2 and your pencil and work out a design that's about 8" long. I chose a lot of curves because I think they look good next to the guitar. You're really only limited by your imagination and abilities in terms of designing the shape. Once you have designed your first piece you can work on the second piece which will be about 6" long. 

Make sure you leave a section on the first and second piece that is flat. You will be connecting the two pieces on the flat spot. 

Step 3: Rough Cuts

Picture of Rough Cuts
Now that we know what it's going to look like we can take steps to start creating the rough shape.
I chose to use a hand saw for lack of a more efficient tool. Make sure you use clamps to secure the wood before cutting. This makes the job much more manageable.  
cyberchops3 years ago
Nice and simple design. looks better than the home made PVC stands. don't understand how you got the curves in the wood with a hand saw though?
It´s very nicely made.
Jackp55 years ago
 let me guess that is a white mexican made telecaster am i right cause i have 1 2 but im american, America rules!
we have a patriot
juanvi5 years ago
ooh, thats the guitar the guy plays in the movie Crossroads
and plays a solo vs steve vai

nice nice nice
Cool! I wonder if some neoprene or some other soft material on the contact points would make it less likely to scratch the guitar. Beautiful tele, by the way. And a very nice looking stand!
omnibot5 years ago
Ooohh . that's nice.
mhallman79 (author)  omnibot5 years ago