Step 1: Tools & Materials

1. 3 1/2' to 4' length of 1x2

2. wood glue

3. Dremel

4. hand saw

5. pencil for marking

6. sand paper block

<p>Very nice work. I don't understand why you say 4 pieces. Looks like 5 or 3 to me. Still, nice design and easy to make. I'll use dowels or biscuits to glue in the crosspiece, because I'm obsessive about strong joints. Thanks.</p>
Nice and simple design. looks better than the home made PVC stands. don't understand how you got the curves in the wood with a hand saw though?
It&acute;s very nicely made.<br>
&nbsp;let me guess that is a white mexican made telecaster am i right cause i have 1 2 but im american, America rules!
we have a patriot
ooh, thats the guitar the guy plays in the movie Crossroads<br /> and plays a solo vs steve vai<br /> <br /> nice nice nice<br />
Cool! I wonder if some neoprene or some other soft material on the contact points would make it less likely to scratch the guitar. Beautiful tele, by the way. And a very nice looking stand!<br />
Ooohh . that's nice.<br />
Thanks. <br />

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