Step 11: Finish

We finished the handle with Emmet's "Good Stuff" rub-on, wipe off gel varnish.  Gel varnishes are great finishes because they are easy to work with, bring out a nice satin luster in the wood, and dry in no time, without all the trouble of brush on polyurethane.

Coat the handle in gel varnish and work it into the wood.  Wait 20 minutes.  Wipe off any excess that remains and let dry for several hours.  Repeat the process once or twice more for additional protection since this will be used with a kitchen appliance and will be hand-washed in the sink.

That's it - the portafilter is finished - now go pull some shots!
<p>Wow. Epoxy on. Okay. I was waiting for the &quot;fashion an end plug page,&quot; but that is certainly more simple. Looks nice! I will be doing this for one of my spare portafilters for my 1976 Gaggia Baby Primavera (US market version).</p>
very nice! I love wood tools!
Very cool! My favorite thing about having a wooden handle on my portafilter is the way the wood feels, it's just much nicer than a hunk of plastic. <br> <br>My guess from the choices you listed for the wood is persimmon, as far as I know it's the only one of the four with dark heartwood.
Wow, this is incredible! <br />Amazing work and a perfect Instructable. <br /> <br />Also, do you think I could use bamboo instead? <br /> <br />GM
Are you envisioning a hollow piece of natural bamboo? Sure - you'd just have to fill the end with something if you didn't want a hole in the end of your handle. You could also laminate sheets of bamboo plywood (plyboo) together to form a block, then carve that down to shape. I bet the exposed cellular like structure of the plyboo would look very cool.

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