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I'm a crafty person.
No, I don't plan diabolical downfalls of my archenemies (can one really have an archenemy?), but I love to make crafts, especially as gifts to my friends, whether or not they really turn out all that great. Like the rest of the crafty people community, I stock up on supplies I probably won't touch for years, or even know exist until through some chanced cleaning.
One of those supplies was a plethora of different sized wooden hearts, so I decided to put one to use for a gift that could speak for itself of its own (hopefully) important significance.

Backstory: One of my favorite teachers (admit it, even we students have favorites) is leaving my school this year so I decided to make him a gift. He is the type of teacher who put his heart and soul into his students, which inspired the quote that I came up for him to put on the heart. He's really into Chinese culture too, so I decided to replace the "heart" with the Chinese symbol for heart. The black and white colors paralleled the simplistic beauty of Chinese calligraphy.

"Put your heart in the ordinary and you shall find the extraordinary."


Step 1: Materials and Setup

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- wooden heart(s)
- variety of Acrylic paints colors
- Masking tape
- paintbrushes
- clean working surface
- newspapers/random papers
- small cup of water
- paper towels

Be sure to line the area of your workspace with newspaper unless having permanent paint all over your desk is somewhat acceptable to you.
Keep paper towels and water nearby for cleaning brushes in between color changes.

Step 2: First...

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Sand down the edges to insure a splinter-free gift (unless you are truly crafty).

Cover the front and sides of the heart in white paint. To make process faster, use a wide, thick brush. Try to make sure that you brush in the same general direction. I used vertical strokes to cover the whole area of the heart.

After the first coat dries (it takes 2 minutes), add another coat.

Repeat on the other side of heart.

I ended up using a total of seven coats just to be sure nothing wooded wooden show, but put as many as you like.

Step 3: Next...

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Outline the design in pencil on the heart before tracing in black paint. Use a small brush with hairs (not bristles) to achieve a Chinese calligraphy look.

I messed up a bit on the first stroke and put a bit of curved tape on the edges of the stroke. I painted white over it, and it caused the tips of the stroke to be narrower than what it was before. Success!

Step 4: Last...

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With a fine tip Sharpie marker, write the quote. Make sure to allow the words even spacing in between each one.

And you're done! Please give me feedback, comments, criticism (constructive would be nice), etc., as this is my first Instructable.

I know most of y'all probably don't own pre-cut wooden shapes, but I hope this Instructable will inspire a part of your next project.

Thank you!


ommatso (author)2015-05-24

Thank you!

tomatoskins (author)2015-05-24

looks great! Congratulations on your first instructable!

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