Step 8: The Oiling Bit

Oil all the pieces with the oil of your choice - I used linseed. You can use the holes to string them up to dry. The old maxim with oil is "a coat a day for a week, a coat a week for a month, a coat a month for a year, and once a year for the rest of your life" - adhere to this as much or as little as you please.
What if you hollowed out the middle from the bottom of each "segment" that would add to the *chime* i personally love wooden wind chimes
my sister is a windchim nut see,ll love a handmake one thanks for the how to <br>
that's pretty neat
I'm guessing the sound would be like a thump... as in &quot;My heart thumps for you!&quot;. <br><br>lol... just trying to be helpful! Cute idea and beautiful work, too.
Oh, this is really nice.<br><br>I hope she loved it.
Lovely! I love the look of just wood. Nothing fancy, just all natural!

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