Wooden Horse Fretted and Laser Cut Plexi DIY


Introduction: Wooden Horse Fretted and Laser Cut Plexi DIY

Manufacturing wooden horse fretted and another plexiglass laser cutting. I have no photos of the realization step by step this time but it's pretty simple.

wood material:

  • Jigsaw
  • sand paper
  • wood glue (for attaching to the base)
  • varnished
  • wood

plexi material:

  • plexiglass plate
  • a laser machine

Download map PDF, SVG and DXF:



Step 1: Wooden Horse

Take a board to paste the path of the horse print it, just follow the line to the scroll saw. Then you have to sand the field is the longest party, remains a paste on a base and then to varnish it and it's over.

Step 2: Horse Plexiglas Laser Cut

For if one is simple just import the DXF file, pdf or svg you can find more in the article in your laser cutting software and launch.

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    A great design and a wonderful idea for plexiglass and a laser. Alas, I only work with wood and a scroll saw. I would like this design in a PDF or jpeg.

    2 replies

    Thank you very much for that link.

    Fantastic Design - have got to make this. Thanks for sharing.