Wooden Horse Using Only Homemade Knife





Introduction: Wooden Horse Using Only Homemade Knife

Today I am going to show you how I made my horse using just my homemade knife. Remember !! This is my first attempt to carve something so don't judge hard.

Step 1: 1. Finding Suitable Wood

First you need to find some soft wood good for carving. I used lime-tree but anything soft will work. You need it to dry properly. As you can see from the picture above my wood is dryed but it started to rot a bit. It doesn't mater though.

Step 2: 2. Carving

Cut the wood into a plank and draw a simple (not nice in my case) horse. Cut around with any saw as shown. Then the knife comes. I started by laying a plank of wood on my knees to act as a cutting board. First you cut the basic shape of your horse. I did this by slicing (like a meat) that means to push the knife down until it stops on the board.

After the basic shape start carving. I used a bit large knife but I wanted to try how sharp it is. I have to say that even after six hours of endless carving it was still sharp enough to cut paper.

Try using every single piece of your knife's bevel.

Step 3: 3. Finishing

After many hours I was satisfied with my work so I just finished it with cooking oil and exposed it on my desk.

(Yeah I know the horse doesn't have the measurements right and very big head but it was my first attempt and fun to make.)

On the last photo you can see that clown's nose fits perfectly:)



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Nice knife-work. These would be neat for little munchkins. It would be neat if you wood burned on these to give them some volume.

As a side note, I'd recommend Swiss army knives for whittling/carving, they're great little tools.

Very cute and funny! Keep going!

Thanks ! I didn't expect that.

Your horse is super cute! Do you think you're going to do more whittling?
I've been wanting to get into wood carving. Right now I'm working on a wooden kitchen spoon.

Oh thank you! Now I like more working with metal but I might try something. Please be sure to post here the picture of your finished work!