Wooden K'NEX





Introduction: Wooden K'NEX

K'nex is great and wood is great

put the two together and you get really great!

Step 1: Items & Tools Needed

  1. 7 1/2 in by 1 1/4 in piece of wood (mine was from part of a stake)
  2. a 4 in by 4 in square of wood


  1. a saw
  2. a 1 in hole saw
  3. a 7/8 in hole saw
  4. a belt sander

Step 2: Measure

  1. find the middle vertically and mark it
  2. find the middle horizontally and mark it
  3. do this on all of the four sides

Step 3: Drill

after a little incident involving my hand and the saw i finally found the perfect way to build it!

drill where the horizantal and vertical middles meet using the 1 in hole saw then use the 1 1/2 in hole saw and drill right above the other hole

Step 4: Build the Rod

using the connector as a template mark the ends (see picture)

and use a belt sander to get the shape

Step 5: From Some Mistakes Come Good Things!

i messed up on a few and found a way to make different connectors!

Step 6: You Are Done!!

congrats you are done!

now go build something

Step 7:



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    cool:) new ball machines made of k'nex!

    Hahahaha :)

    Is it k'nex?

    Or is it wood?

    Cool! Is this for the K'nex contest at all?


    yes it is for the K'NEX contest but it is pending approval!

    Awesome, voted you for orginality. Never seen anything like this before! :-)