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Introduction: Wooden Karambit

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This is tutorial on how to make your own wooden knife, or in this case karambit.

Step 1: Get a Template and Print It

Step 2: Cutting

Cut and glue the template to the wood then cut wood and glue parts.

Step 3: Painting

I am using a spray.

Step 4: More Painting

Step 5: Finishing Touches

I did this with nail polish.



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    I really want to make this knife and i wonder, the size and between 1-5 how hard is it to make and what items fp u need to make the knife, plz response

    Can you make a butterfly knife?

    How big is it in real life?

    I don't understand what do you mean by that?

    You have to buy the pro version to download it

    I have to buy premium to download the PDF file this is so stupid.

    How thick was the wood?

    Plywood :D

    Thanks :-D