Wooden Ninjato (Bokken)





Introduction: Wooden Ninjato (Bokken)

Over the Christmas break I had some time to to do a bit of wood working, so I decided to make a katana (I now know it is a ninjato). After a bit of searching around I found a good piece of wood, my Grandpa said it was mahogany. I used a router and a belt sander for the blade, then I took a square piece of wood for the guard, cut it in half, then cut the blade shape out of the two halves. I glued the guard in place then sanded it to shape.

There are some imperfections in the blade that I am unhappy with, and I also don't like the discoloration on the guard, but I felt it was a good job for my first freehand project.

I plan to stain it, and wrap the handle but for now I felt I would just get pictures up.



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    Not bad. Also create tsuka with tsuka-ito for more realism.

    Very nice. I hope you have pics of it wrapped and stained

    Very Nice Job (tm). What is the length overall and length of the handle? What were the dimensions of the beginning piec of wood?

    Cool! Quick and easy! (and cheap)

    I made a ninjato replika which i tried to use as a bokken which broke it.

    Aw that's too bad. Do you know what type of wood you used?

    I have absolute no idea what kind it was i just used some wood i found
    that was thin.