Wooden Kinetic Dog-chasing-tail


Introduction: Wooden Kinetic Dog-chasing-tail

This is a wooden dog that I made that runs in circles chasing its own tail.
- the key is hand cranked, spinning the top half of the base
- as the top base spins, it spins the 'pistons'  and make the legs move
        - the wood squeaks, but it sounds like a whimper =]
- it's a dog chasing its tail! what else

tilt your head to watch video: http://youtu.be/EXPoK3-upGg

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    Awesome kinetic art. Please post an instructable and that can just be plans for every piece. This is the sort of thing you need to hand down to future generations.

    seriously, u are a beast.
    i heard u r from RISD, harvard of art?
    yeah, no wonder.

    This is so cool!! Any chance you will make an instructable for it?

    You know how when people post pictures laying on their side is annoying? Videos lying on their side is even worse.

    nifty kinetic sculpture though.

    1 reply

    link to a video is now added.
    its really crummy but you'll get the idea!
    thanks for the suggestion.
    plus, do you guys know how I could rotate the video?