Wooden Laser Cut IPad 2 Stand





Introduction: Wooden Laser Cut IPad 2 Stand

Created using a C02 lasering machine.

Step 1: Materials

-laser machine + required software
-1 12x24 1/8 thick piece of wood
-CAD software (ex. Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD)
-sand paper
-wood glue

Step 2: The Drawings

Attached is the .dxf files of our drawings that we used in the laser's software. 

Step 3: Lasering

We used a CO2 laser to cut out our pieces.

Step 4: Assembly

All of the pieces nedded for assembly
*side tabs not shown*

Step 5: Glueing

Make sure to sand all pieces before glueing to get rid of burn marks and to give it a nice clean surface for glueing.
Glue all of the pieces together with wood glue.
*We found it best to glue all of the pieces toghether at one time* 

Step 6: Final Product

The final product came out nicely the ipad fits snug and doesnt slide out. 



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why can't I download the DXF file

hi joey can you please email me the dxf files to ehulley@w-isp.co.za. I am battling for two days to download with no success at all..


why can't I download the DXF file it opens as a code in new window.........

Lovely, what thickness material did you use for this? thanks.

excellent instructions, thanks. great looking product.

That is a really nice fit! Thank you for including the file for the plans. :D