Most classic toys started out being made of wood. Legos were after all made by a carpenter.

Making system sized bricks is quite a challenge because they have thin spots. Duplo or quarto or would be a bit easier.

It will take a little skill and patience but making your own legos is worth it.
This method requires no special tools(but if I had a mill I would mill them out)

Step 1: Plot It Out

A fine amount of accuracy is needed to insure the bricks clip to one another and their plastic counterparts.

I measured the bricks with a caliper and got some good measurements. I provided them in millimeters, inches and fractional inches (to the nearest 116 so it may not clip to plastic blocks)

The right view is shown only for completeness (it is not needed for dimensioning)
<p>Wow, when I saw the pictures, I thought, &quot;That's going to be a bit of a mission.&quot; Then when you said you drilled straight through I went. &quot;Of course! It's that easy!&quot; <br>If you weren't doing it to scale, then there are so many awesome options for this idea. </p>
<p>yes it is</p>
I am really impressed that you made all of these by hand! This is an obvious (and &quot;relatively&quot; simple) project for a CNC machine. You could mill the studs and holes out of a single block, rather than inserting dowels. Your method is a much better test of skill, and the results would make for some very interesting builds!
To be honest, if I had a CNC mill I would probably have made them with it. <br>(still trying by hand for fun) <br>
This is cool. You could make all sorts of attachments that are compatible with your lego, like the type of stuff you get in the specialised kits.
Yeah, with enough patience I could make a gear or a minifigure.
can you make one on how to make metal ones?
this should win some sort of prize
thats pretty nice

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