Introduction: Wooden Llama Toy

Picture of Wooden Llama Toy


  • Picture of llama
  • Wood
  • Template
  • Band Saw
  • Writing Utensil
  • Orbit Sander
  • Sand Paper
  • Paint
  • Wooden Wheels
  • Axle
  • Drill Press
  • Chop Saw

Step 1

Gather your materials

Step 2

Draw and cut out a template on a thin piece of wood

Step 3

Trace on a 2x6 blank and cut out

Step 4

Drill Axle holes in the feet

Step 5

Sand and Router

Step 6

Paint make sure not to paint the wheels or the entire toy

Step 7

Put on wheels and Axles


Swansong (author)2016-12-15

This looks nice, did you take any progress photos while making it?

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