Introduction: Wooden Log Picture Frame

Picture of Wooden Log Picture Frame

this is my first instructable so i hope u like it

Step 1: Materials

You will need 

- A 20in wooden log
- Gorrila wood glue
- cardboard
- white paper
- 3/8 in wooden dowel
- 3 bolts, nuts, and washers
- plastic sheet

- A drill
- 3/8 in size drill bit
- A jig saw
- mallet
- clear tape

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Picture of Cut the Wood

now make  5in marks down your log and cut at each mark

Step 3: Drilling the Holes

Picture of Drilling the Holes

now drill holes with the 3/8 drill bit in the selected pasitions in the picture

Step 4: Dowels

cut four 1 1/2 in pieces out of the wooden dowel

Step 5: Connect the Logs

Picture of Connect the Logs

now take the pieses of the dowl u cut out earlier and place them in the selcted hole. but first take the Gorrila wood glue and fill the hole up to the top. now pound the dowels in half way

Step 6: The Back Round

Picture of The Back Round

now take the cardboard and paper and make somthing like this  in the picture

now take the plastic sheet and tape it to the side with the paper on it  but dont tape 1 side (where the picture will slide in)

Step 7: Backround Holder

Picture of Backround Holder

drill 3 holes in these spots then fill with wood glue then place your screw in them

once dry slide the washers and bolts on

Step 8: The Hooks

Picture of The Hooks

drill small holes then put the

Step 9: Fiished

Picture of Fiished

now slide the backround in and secure it with the bolts


The_Tinker (author)2013-05-28

Looks good.

Hiyadudez (author)2010-10-09

Its better if you say 'stick' instead of 'log'.

Theres a big difference.

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