Picture of Wooden Magic Bottle Holder
This is a very simple thing to do, and very attractive thing.

You need only three tools 
 - Drill for hole
 - Piece of wood
 - Sand paper 

You gonna see dimensions and angles on next pic

Have Fun :)
Phil B6 months ago

I made one of these recently. I could not find an Instructable for one, somehow, and used a video at YouTube. The dimensions in that video were. To correct and I had to keep trimming the length until the bottle balanced. Even then, the video suggested adjusting the position of the bottle a little to make it balance properly. My greatest difficulty was making the hole. I wanted it to be at 45 degrees. I used a hole saw, but it would go only so far. I had to use a coping saw to finish the hole and then a file and sandpaper to remove irregularities.

msel (author)  Phil B6 months ago

Thanks for comment first

You can use the drill stand for hole, I didnt use but I guess it would be usefull

OutlawKtulu11 months ago

Nice Job!

tbarot11 months ago
will it balance if the bottle is empty?
OutlawKtulu tbarot11 months ago

If you want to do an empty bottle, Don't drill the hole at a 45, but perpendicular to the board. This will angle the bottle upwards more and you can then balance an empty bottle there.

msel (author)  tbarot11 months ago

No, it must be filled

rupin.chheda11 months ago
when you say middle point, u mean the center of gravity?
msel (author)  rupin.chheda11 months ago

No friend, its middle point of bottle