Shopping list:
-3/4" thick 6" wide by 18" long wood (I chose Maple)
-BB's, Lead weights, Dust from bench grinder, Steel bar stock, or any thing else that is dense and can fit in the mallet. (I went with BB's because you can buy a lot really easily)
-Wood glue (I went with titebond III because its my favorite)
-Leather (I bought mine at Michaels)
-Epoxy, craft glue, or super glue (what ever you want to glue leather with)
-Sand paper to use on palm sander at TechShop
-Wood Stain (what you want. Just there to keep the wood from staining from other sources)

I made this at TechShop

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting

Take your piece of wood and cut on the miter saw at 6" long. 
Then take your wood and cut another section that is 10" long on the miter saw. 
red oak
red oak
I dont think that's maple, I think it's an oak of some kind.
That looks like oak

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