Introduction: Wooden Marble Maze

I made a wooden marble mawe using a laser cutter and 3mm MDF.

The software used is inkscape, which has a lot of options and it is free.

You'll need 40x20cm 3mm MDF and some glue.

Step 1: Details

Clue the two layers together.

The carved-out path is one piece for easy storage.

The holes go through the entire wood. I tried an engraved version first but that wasn't deep enough for the marbles.

The path is a little bit wider than the marbles, the holes a little bit smaller.

When glueing everything together, you should follow this order for easy assembling:

  • Glue top outermost parts first, alligned with the bottom layer.
  • Put the carved out path in between them withut glue
  • Glue all the island parts one by one. Don't use too much glue. Otherwise the glue will reach the carved out pah piece and you will not be able to get it out anymore.

Remember to use some sandpaper to remove burned sections of the wood.


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