Picture of Wooden Mjölnir

Mjölnir or Thor's hammer is an artefact from Viking era. It was made by two dwarfs Brokk and Sindri as a gift for the gods. It was unbreakable, always hit its target and then it returned to its owner's hand and it could scale down so it could be worn on the neck. It was so heavy that only Thor could pick it up

People wear this pendant as a symbol of strength and it serves as a protection from all the evil things. Some sources say, that it was a viking response to the christian crosses.

But enough mytology, let's make one! :)

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Step 1: What you will need?

  • paper and pencil
  • marker
  • piece of wood
  • knife (or some rotary tool, chisel etc.. I used knife because I hadn't anything else)
  • drill
  • wire
  • pliers
  • leather cord
  • thread


  • wood stain colors (or watercolors)
  • lacquer

Step 2: Sketching

Picture of Sketching

Very first step is to make some sketch. Take your time and draw as many of them as you need to your satisfaction. If you don't know how to start just use a Google Images for inspiration ;)

But I designed my own, because it's fun!

Step 3: Basic shape

Picture of Basic shape

Take a piece of wood and saw a smaller piece for the pendant. The size of it depends on your consideration (the size of my hammer is about 3cm X 2,5cm).

Now take a pencil or a marker and sketch the basic shape on the wood. Then just cut out. Scroll saw would be great, but I did it with a knife and a little help from drill.

Trooper5558 months ago

Great job, also do you have any other pieces you carved id like to see those too.

SparkySolar9 months ago

I love this. Thank you


CloudGraffiti11 months ago
Pretty cool gotta do this
Eldalote (author)  CloudGraffiti11 months ago

Thanks :) Good luck!

VentureScout12 months ago

Good job!! I will be adding this to the list of things to do over the dark winter months.

Eldalote (author)  VentureScout12 months ago

Thank you! Good luck! ;) Don't forget to share the result!

gwen_g12 months ago
Eldalote (author)  gwen_g12 months ago


bobes36012 months ago

Dobrý.. možná až budu mít chuť a náladu tak taky něco podobného zkusím. Řezba do dřeva mě vždy lákala, ale nikdy jsem to ještě pořádně nezkusil.

Eldalote (author)  bobes36012 months ago

Zkus ;) Sice jsem měl chuť s tím seknout, hlavně ty "kudrlinky" bylo těžký vyříznout, ale jsem rád, že jsem to nevzdal.

Jobar00712 months ago

Two things: First, thanks for putting in the part about sketching. It really is a big step that a lot of people skip only to find out that their ideas didn't quite work out in practice. Sketching can help to eliminate it by helping you visualize.

Second: Great job. Way to keep it simple and show that simple supplies can produce outstanding outcomes.

Here's something you might find interesting. Using a hammer as a weapon in Norse history and mythology is only Mjölnir. There are no other references in any sagas or external encounters with vikings that indicate that a hammer was used in combat by them. My guess is that due to plate armor being in it's infancy, crushing weapons were less effective than cutting... but that's just a guess.

Eldalote (author)  Jobar00712 months ago

Thanks for the comment!

And yeah, you are totally right :)

WildOne198512 months ago

The thumbs up picture made my day! So much crammed into one image.

Eldalote (author)  WildOne198512 months ago

Wall decoration, opened door and a palmtree shouldn't be there, but thanks! :D

Kiteman12 months ago

I like the way you added colour - using painty water was an inspiration!

Eldalote (author)  Kiteman12 months ago

Thank you! :)