The summer of 2012 to me is a summer where I just got a new job and find myself unable to find enough time or energy to go out to do my regular exercise at the gym. Looking for other options of getting some exercise done at home, I bought myself a kettlebell and a pull up bar. However I felt incomplete... Especially whith the damn London Olympics on TV I've found myself with an insatiable craving to get me a pair of rings. Now, here's the problem: buying rings online gives you various sizes and various grades of quality. A decent set of rings would cost me about 200 euros. If you're anything like me I'd rather use that 200 euro's to book me a nice holliday and see whether I can make a set of rings for a fraction of that price. 

There are some instructables online that tell you how to make a set of rings out of PVC tubes and some that show you how to make rings out of wood. The problems I've seen so far with the instructables on wooden Olympic rings is that they use 'fancy machinery'. By that I mean the following:

Angle grinders
Band saws etc

I have none of the above, and I was not willing to buy any 'fancy tools' to get the job done. Back in the day the woodworkers only had the simple tools as well and yet were able to make pretty much anything out of wood. 

The goal of this instructable is to show people like me, who don't have fancy tools, that it is possible to make a pair of Olympic rings with nothing more than a (jig)saw, a drill, and a couple of wood files. 

Step 1: Measurements and wood selection

Now, a part of the reason why I decided to make my own set of rings, was that a lot of rings your buy on the internet are not according to Olympic measurement regulations. Obviously you won't have that problem if you make them yourself. 

I found the official olympic measurements to be (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (1)):
Ring inner radius: 90mm
Ring cross section diamter: 28mm

Wood selection
At the time I had to find some wood for this project, I was a bit short on cash and didn't feel like buying wood for this. Especially since I've never made anything like this before and I wouldn't be surprised if I would screw up the first try. I went around town looking for a piece of wood with the following properties:
- triplex or mulitplex wood
- thickness either around 15mm or 30mm
- at least 30X30 cm board

At some student accomodation I salvaged on old drawer, which I'd find cool to turn into a set of rings. It was a piece of multiplex 15mm thick and about 60x40cm across. I always love to turn something that someone discarded as trash into something usefull, especially when it's for free! Time to get busy!!

(1): http://www.fig-gymnastics.com
<p>Excellent Work So nice !!!<br></p><p>Congrats!!!!<br></p><p>Could you tell me please if I can practice these excersises indoor please.</p><p>Also I would like to know how can I do to fix to the roof or I need a metal tube or something like that.</p><p>We like to use for our training and work the chest and our arms.</p><p>Hope to heraing from you soon our mail:</p><p>Familialarssenn@gmail.com</p><p>Best Wishes !!</p><p>God Bless you and a Happy new Year</p><p>Mariana husband and family</p>
<p>Good! I do it one for me hahaha</p>
<p>Good! I do it one for me hahaha</p>

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