Wooden Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels for Living Room

Picture of Wooden Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels for Living Room
Hello Again,

It's been a while since the last instructable and I hope you are all ok :)
So this time I decided to make a wooden pallet table with wheels since I made a normal one and a more complicated one with a shelf in the middle for decoration.
The idea for the third one was the wheels.

Tip: On the way I decided that screws wont be visible!
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Step 1: Gathering the essentials

What you need:
  • Wooden pallets! (wow)
  • Glue
  • Joining Wood
  • Screws
  • Wheels (2 euro each)
  • Bases for the wheels (bought for 7Euro)
  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Woodworm Killer
  • Silicon Bases
  • Electric/Normal saw
  • Electric drill
I had most of them from previous woodworks I did except the wheels and the pieces of wood I used as base for the wheels. The paint was also bought. 0,5L for 8 euros I think.

Step 2: How to start

Well, I believe you all know how to start.
  1.  Disassemble the pallets. (I'm always getting mad with it)
                   Be careful not to brake the pallets... :/
                    I broke some of the cubes that were in the middle of the pallet and I had to make new.
                   Glued together some pieces from pallets and try to make the appropriate thickness you are going to need.
                   Clamp it and Let it dry.
                   Cut the cubes!

        2.   Decide the dimensions of your table, mine was 120cmX63cm.

                  The length of the 1st pallet was 120cm but the 2nd one was 100cm.

                  So I decided to cut some smaller pieces of wood of 20cm to join them.
                  Glue them & screw them with the rest 100cm and make them longer, 120cm.

        3.   Another problem I had to deal with was the thickness of each piece of wood. It wasn't the same and I would have had a problem  on levelling the table and the glass on the top.In order to reduce/avoid that issue I used a piece of wood that I had stored from a previous woodwork I did. (Was Bought for 5Euro)

Joyceline1 month ago
I cannot seem to find any woodworm killer in USA!! Seems like all the products I found are sold in UK because it contain chemical that can kill mammals. What did you use for woodworm killer? Thanks!!
great demo and I like seeing the pallets used to make something a bit more fancy. I really like the colour.

Wouldn't it have been easier to shorten the 120cm lengths to 100cm than to lengthen the 100 cm ones to 120cm? Also, what are these "silicon bases" you speak of - do they help keep the glass on or something? (I hope that's tempered glass for safety reasons).

Off to look at your other stuff now!
Hello mate and thanks for checking out my instructables.

Off course it would have been easier to shorten them to 100cm. But the person who order it asked for 120 cm and I was trying to figure out a solution it was a kind of a "challenge", BUT after I found the solution the process was very easy.

The silicone bases mostly help for the vibration and the glass is attached/mounted on a soft base.

Now regarding the glass; tHe guy I order the glass from I told him that it is going to be for a table. I asked him regarding the thickness and he said 3mm, 5mm or even 8mm. I asked for 8mm but he said it's ok with 5mm and it's not gonna break. (The guy builds aluminum windows and doors so I would like to believe that the glass is strong enough)
spylock1 year ago
Nice color choice,its a pretty purple,to me anyway.Im usually the camo type,or everything green.
D0itYourself (author)  spylock1 year ago
I agree with you but since the table wasn't made for me I had to proceed with their needs :P
You can see the colours on the sofas as well that are purple and they will paint a wall about 4 sq.m. the same colour with the table :)

If you see my other two tables with pallets you will see the colours I like
I was also looking at your bread bowl,back in the late 70s my
Pops and I owned a antique/junk shop,and we sold a many of those things,it seemed like the worse the condition,the better they would sell.The American bowls were made most always out of poplar,and were oval in the shape,usually something like 17"x20".
You do good work,plus no sarcasm here,I really do like that shade of purple. looks really good in there,and when they get that wall done it will look even better,aint no doubt about it,yours is a job well done.
agulesin1 year ago
An interesting project!! nice to see pallets used for something rather than just rotting in a junk heap...

I would recommend putting the wheels closer to the outside of the pallets, as the current location would make the table unstable and easy to tip over, dangerous if there's small children or babies in the house as hot drinks would cause them serious injury. The table would still be as maneuverable, but a lot more stable.

And as I've taken pallets apart before, I know what monster nails they use to fix them together, of course they were never designed to be "destructible"! :-)
D0itYourself (author)  agulesin1 year ago
Your recommendation it's good. I've sat on the long side and it's ok, I had to apply some pressure in order to raise the opposite side. The short side if I just apply pressure with my hands in order to raise it I have to press hard, if I sit on it the opposite side goes up.

Any way I hope no one is going to sit on it :)
Looks nice
D0itYourself (author)  explosivemaker1 year ago
Thank you
I can't wait to start mine I was very lucky and found 2 brand new small pallets and was wondering what to do with them.
Thanks great Instructable and fine work on your part. I have all the parts....
D0itYourself (author)  rosewood5131 year ago
Just unleash your imagination and you'll end up with a fabulous work
After a long hard day correcting English this did make me laugh
D0itYourself (author)  Mindmapper11 year ago
That's the main issue if you are not re reading your work:)
this made me laugh.......... your living room is on wheels? ;)
D0itYourself (author)  Mindmapper11 year ago
You're right :)