Introduction: Wooden Pallet Coffeetable

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This table is a cool way to reuse some wooden pallets.

Step 1: Obtain Pallets

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Find 4-6 wooden pallets that have been weathered slightly. make sure that most of the wooden boards are not broken so they can be used later.

Step 2: Salvage the Pallets

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take apart the pallets to salvage the boards. keep the good ones and toss the bad ones (thats why you want more rather than less).

Step 3: Aline the Wooden 1 by 6's

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put the 1*6's in a line so that 1 inch sides are touching the next one.

Step 4: Connect the Boards

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lay the 2 by 4s perpendicular on the 1 by 6s. this you will need to screw together with screws.

Step 5: Cut Your Table Into a Hexagon.

Picture of Cut Your Table Into a Hexagon.

find the midpoints on 2 opposite ends of the table. Then from those point go at a 60 degree angle either way. this will create a 60 degree interior angle on 6 corners.

Step 6: Cut Out the Perimeter

Picture of Cut Out the Perimeter

take 6, 2 by 4s and cut each end at a 60 degree angle so that it can create the perimeter. connectand pocket screw these 6 sides around the table.

Step 7: Sand Down the Table Top

Picture of Sand Down the Table Top

use a orbital, mouse, or belt sander with 60 grit to sand down the top of your table. when smooth increase grit to 120 and continue to sand until smooth.

Step 8: Cut Legs

Picture of Cut Legs

get 3, 2 by 4s that are 36 inches long and cut them in half. this way you will have 6 legs that are 18 inches each.

Step 9: Stain Table

Picture of Stain Table

use preferred stain to stain the legs and table top to darkness that you would like.

Step 10: Attach Legs

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use 3-4 screws and pocket screw the legs onto the perimeter

Step 11:

now your table is complete


doing2much (author)2016-12-16

Good work, and nice way to recycle! You just got my vote. :)

ClenseYourPallet (author)2016-12-14

Great pallet project!! Thanks for sharing

Swansong (author)2016-12-14

It looks really nice, I like the stain you picked. :)

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