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A domestic request from my bride. I used ash and plywood to make a new paper towel holder for my kitchen. The finish is enamel, but any film finish would work.
This is a simple project, but dead useful. I really like the plywood lamination, but it is a bit more work during the sanding section, but allows you to use up shop scraps rather than toss them out!


Dlhornscxm (author)2015-06-06

Nice paper towel holder. Great use of scrap plywood. My wife asked me why I keep my's her answer. I'll have to jump right on it and make her one with my scraps.

This is the nicest paper towel holder I've ever seen!

Thank you!!
It is also heavy so it could double as a club if needed! :)

It's good to have a handy defense system in place in case of intruders and guns are dangerous, especially if you have small children. This is definitely a great alternative ;) haha

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