Wooden Pens and Other Small Turning Projects


Introduction: Wooden Pens and Other Small Turning Projects

these are some small turning projects I've done. there are some clocks, a finial, a plumb-bob, a bottle stopper, a mallet, a goblet, some tops, and some pens. They are done on a 24 by 12 inch jet midi lathe, using wood and kits mostly from wood craft. to do the finial i used a great video series on fine woodworking. you can see it here




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    i have now published instructions for the pens

    how much dod you think the pens u made are worth and are the internals wood too?

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    i would probably sell the smaller ones for about 20$-30$ depending on the venue and type of wood used in the pen. and the internals are not wood.

    nice.you should make a buisness of selling wooden pens

    Very nice things.

    If you put in the image a penny, a hand or a finger aside the object, we could have an idea of the size.

    These are gorgeous. It would be great if you could include the instructions here! Let me know if you have any questions oh how to do that.