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Introduction: Personalized Wooden Key Organizer

This is a key organizer I had made for myself. I was tired of being poked in the legs by my keys everyday and wanted to eliminate the jingle every time I went to open my house door. This project was made with scrap materials I had laying around. (Note: I didn't think to take pics as I was going but I will try to explain the process.)

Step 1: Step 1

Found piece of wood that measured 7/8" in width which was sufficient to house the keys. From this piece I cut two pieces at a length of 3 1/8".

Step 2: Step 2

Dug through a pile of miscellaneous screws and nuts to find a matching set of 2. After this the two wood pieces were placed together and holes were drilled 1/4" from each end.

Step 3: Step 3

A place to grab the keys was sanded out using a Dremel. And the holes on one piece of the wood(which will end up being the backside) were drilled half way through to allow me to countersink the nuts.

Step 4: Step 4

The wood was then engraved with the initials, sanded and polyurethaned and left to dry.

Step 5: Step 5

In the meantime I cut a piece of sheet metal (1/2" x 2 1/2) for the pocket clip. The piece was cleaned and polished using varies grits of sandpaper until a desired finish was accomplished. Edges were then rounded and shaped(dremel). Then an offset hole was drilled so that it would clear the "key pullout slot". Finally it was bent into the proper shape using a pair of pliers.

Step 6: Assembly

The screws were fed through the holes and then the keys started being placed. Washer,then key, then washer, then key and so on. Everything was then tightened to a point where the keys were firm but could still be pulled out with ease. (The screws I found were too long so I ended up grinding off the excess after it was tight.)

Step 7: Conclusion

This is the first instructable Ive made so I hope your were able to follow it through til the end. Hope you enjoyed viewing as much I enjoyed creating and sharing. Thanks for stopping by! PS: If you like this project please vote for it in the wood contest, it would be awesome to win some new tools!



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    Very clever. I'm a fan of those tactical key keepers made of leather or cordura (that wrap around from three sides and secure with a button), but this is a beautiful design - I could definitely imagine making your own EDC with other attachments or hidden compartments with the wood. Well done!

    1 reply

    Thank you sir. Ive been tinkering with a few other designs as well. Hidden compartments is a cool idea! Ill see what i can come up with. Thanks for stopping by

    So well done! I love your design and the belt clip. Cheers!

    1 reply

    Thanks a ton; glad you enjoyed this project of mine! Salute!

    Very cool !! Liked this project. Voted your instructable....

    1 reply

    Hi Dennis! I'm a junior editor at Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, and we love your project! Would you be willing to submit it to the magazine as an article? Email me at glasmyre [at] Thanks! Carly

    i enjoyed reading your instructable. you obviously put some serious contemplation into the project.

    Dennis mate, that's absolutely beautiful! You've even applied polyurethane and made it look like a pro art collectible.

    We make a similar gadget in hard polymer (next batch coming soon), would love your feedback! :

    Keep up the cool work!

    - Renton from

    2 replies

    Thanks! Checked your product and the only feedback i have is that you should try offer it in different colors. Good luck on your endevour

    And we will thanks!

    For a more slim profile you could countersink the screw holes slightly and then add a washer in the holes if needed for strength. This would make your screw head sit below the wood surface.

    Great instructable, I'll definitely be making one of these!

    1 reply

    Thanks buddy...when you finish, post a pic id like to check it out

    Thanks! Its amazing what can be done with just some old material and an idea

    Similar, but this was free; and fun to make :)