Step 8: Pinhole Photography

They developed as negatives and then I scanned them into the computer and inverted the colors in Photoshop.

The exposures were quite long but I was very pleased with the amount of detail. I also tried doing a solarography photo. If you do not know what it is google it. It's a very cool technique to take color photos with black and white film without the need of developing it.

Anyways thank you for looking at the process of my project. I hope you guys liked it. If you have any questions leave them in the comments down below.


These photographs are stunning! Just wondering what film you used? I'm a complete film photography novice but can see you haven't used standard 35mm film, like most DIY matchbox pinhole cameras call for. What have you used and where could I get something similar?

jlsunris1 year ago

I don't get it. How does this take pictures?

styjDesign (author)  jlsunris1 year ago

It's just a very veryyyy simple version of a camera pretty much. Im not too good at explaining but if your interested this link explains it pretty well.


Nice, I've thought about doing paper negative for a while, do you have an estimated ISO equivalent for the paper or do you just wing it and the paper is forgiving enough with the exposure? Was that solargraph undeveloped or did you still develop after the 2 week exposure? Thanks

styjDesign (author)  mattthegamer4631 year ago

Well about the ISO at the time I remember I found a few websites and apps that calculated it for you pretty nicely. You tell it the size of the pinhole you have and how far the pinholes from the film and it calculated F-stop of F280. However although most of these sites and apps tell me I would then need exposures of couples hours I just ignored them and kinda winged it by choosing brighter environments. and for the solargraph no i didn't need to develop it. The sun develops the film into weird pink and green colors and then all one has to do is scan it into the computer and invert the colors. My turned out pretty bad because those two weeks happened to be very cloudy. But if you google solargraphy there are some very beautiful results.