Built in two days or 37 long hours - by myself (This was my second time to build). Cost was $1,200. I used my plans at pirateshipplayhouseplans.com. The videos will help a lot! It is not as hard as it appears. Saved over $4,000 from the retail price of pre-built options. I could not find any help online to build this ship. So I took the "bull by the horns" and built it myself and produced the plans. And now the website.

This will save you a lot of money and time!
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Not an Instructable, just ad SPAM. Move along people.....
Impressive build, but this is not an instructable, it is just an ad for your website. please post the instructions if you are going to post it as an Instructable.
where did you get the plans for this, this would be great for a pirate ship stage at a renaissance festival
I created this and the construction plans. www.pirateshipplayhouseplans.com<br><br>Steve
Very beautiful idea and work! <br>Can you post more photos...
37 hours! Wow, that is fast for such an awesome build. I am in awe- great job!

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