When our deck was redone I ended up with excess old weathered redwood decking. I felt bad just letting it go and it just so happened that we needed planters on one side of the house. And so this project began

Step 1: The Plan

I had seen this pattern before so I cannot claim ownership. It is an attractive approach to what otherwise might be a boring planter. Keep in mind most 2 x 6 boards are actually 1.5 x 5.5. So in order to make the pattern work while stacking the boards is to subtract 3" from each alternate layer. I opted to go 4 boards high or 22". The other measurements can be amended to suit your taste.
Charming, rustic, and a great solution!
Thanks ... but could you tone down your anger ? :)
Very creative! Love the idea, use of reclaimed materials, and end result. Thanks for the tutorial!!!
Thank you, it didn't take long at all to make these. Most of the waiting was for the paint to dry.
Good point framistan. All the wood used is natural redwood without any chemicals. So make sure you pick untreated wood for projects like these. It goes without say any line of work or hobby comes with certain amount of risk.
Decking wood that has a GREENISH TINT is saturated with arsenic poison to keep termites from eating it. So, your deck wood is probably OK, because it is redwood. Not everyone knows about the green-tinted kind, so that is why I made this note: When sawing deck-wood, don't breathe the dust. I don't know if the arsenic could leach into the dirt and into a food plant.... but I wouldn't take the chance. Also, it is not a good idea to burn old decking wood because of the poisonous smoke.

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