Wooden Plate That Turns Into a Table





Introduction: Wooden Plate That Turns Into a Table

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Today I am making a transofrmer plate that can turn into a table

Very easy to design and assemble

The design assembly is as shown in the above figures

Step 1: Design on SolidWorks

First design on SolidWorks

SolidWorks file is avalible to download below with dimensions

Export DXF extension files from Solidworks parts using top view

Step 2: Laser Cut

On a laser cutter cut the DXF files extruded from SolidWorks

For image Scaning:

Power 20%, Speed 150 mm/sec

For cutting:

Power 75%, Speed 22 mm/sec

Step 3: Assemble Final Product

After assembling parts as shown in SolidWorks file the final product should look like this



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    I can't tell - when it's in "table" mode, what stops the inner circles dropping right through?

    2 replies

    it's interference fit, you can apply any light weight on top. but if you applied a heavy load it will fall down

    Awesome design

    put i have a inquire
    is height is adjustable to 0 and maximum height only
    or any height can be apply

    2 replies

    you can change the design to apply any height you want

    Awesome table design. This is probably the first adjustable table that I have seen that could change its diameter. Very cool.

    1 reply

    Thank you very much =))