This is a chest I built for a friends son, after I installed this, his brother wanted the same one. So I made another. The boys have a lot of stuffed animals that where kept in cardboard boxes, but after a week or so the box would break.

With this instructable I would like to share my view of this project and hopefully inspire you to make one yourself. I will try and cover all the information you need, but if I miss something or you just want to know something, let me know.

The chest is open on top, and has sliding doors at one small side (not installed, the buyers have their own panels at home).

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

When making this box I had a simple drawing, but I needed a detailed version so I could work with ease.

So as a pressent for you, I made a automatic excel-file ;-)

Left side in mm and on the right inch, (for inch I copied the mm and devided bij 25.4)

Fill in the red fields and your own box will be calculated.

Even with the excel-file I made a mistake on the first box, while sawing the grooves. (The top 4 beams/bars have 2 grooves, because I thought they would have a panel on top. Silly me ;-) )

!!! Not in the excel-file:

The middle beams need to have a groove (about halfway through) , to place the panel that is located inside the box.

<p>I like that you fill it from the top but the kids can get things out from the bottom. I wish we had one when the boys were young.</p>
<p>Nice storage system. I need to make one of these for my kids.</p>

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