As a wood turner, I can see anything that is round and know that it can be made in wood. This pokemon go craze made the pokeball a great challenge.

This was a project where I challenged myself to get it done quickly, so all the measurements are done by eye and the sphere isnt perfect but you get the idea.

It is a simple project for anyone with a lathe and drill press. The timbers I used for this project are red cedar, american walnut and jacaranda

Step 1: ​Preparation of the Blanks

Sizes 75mm x 75mm x 35mm

Mark your center on the 2 pieces. I did this by going corner to corner. With a 8mm drill bit, drill a hole in the center. This prepares it for the screw chuck on the lathe. Sand the face surface on a disc sander (I have one on a face plate for the lathe)

<p>Very nice finish. Beautiful work!</p>
So cool
I never knew a pokeball could look so beautiful!
Beautiful job as always.
<p>Great job Simon! I really like the natral wood look. </p>
This tutorial made my day
<p>This is really cool! I love the natural wood.</p>

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