Heard of a rag doll? Those often-homemade dolls built from scraps of fabric? Source of Raggedy Ann? I sometimes work with fabric, but lately I've been doing a lot with wood, and decided it was time to make a wooden toy from those scraps of wood I've been hoarding. It was also a good opportunity to play with the toys that Crashspace acquired for the Dremel/Instructable July Build Night.

I already have a Craftsman rotary tool, which usually does the job for me, but for this project I got to play with the Dremel 4000 and the Multi-Max, and a couple new attachments. I also already had a Dremel Multi-Vise, which has attachments both for mounting a Dremel and for a general clamp. It's been a huge help in keeping all my fingers intact; I figure God put em that way for a reason. That said, you will probably see scars and band aids and such in these pictures, cause God also made me a klutz.

I'm a massive tinkerer, so you will not find instructions for making these specific shapes, nor exact measurements. Most of what I'll detail here is the way that I created the articulated joints and assembled it all. Take it as suggestion, try variations, and let me know about your experiments. Snag some materials and see what kind of shape you come up out of what you have available. Play around with them. I tried different configurations before I settled on this one.

Step 1: Gather Stuff

Look for scraps anywhere. In addition to fun shapes and blocks, you'll want dowels, bamboo skewers, etc. It doesn't have to be all wood, though if you plan to use another material, you might need different attachments, tools, or adhesives. Check out this blog post about Jill Timm's Dremel workshop, and thistothat.com for how to adhere different materials.

Next, sort. Push things around, figure out what you want to make, whether bot or animal or jazz-powered submarine or whatever. You can change your mind later, it's your project after all.

Very creative
<p>I made Belle, named for the bell hanging inside the hole in her tummy, last week. I had help cutting the wood but I did the rest myself. I like her and plan to make more.</p>
<p>Soooo cute! want to make one soooo bad :D</p>
<p>A whole new level of<em> cuuuute!</em></p>
<p>That's what I was thinking!</p>
<p>The magnetic hand is fun. I'm going to incorporate that into one of my future Wooden Robots for sure.</p>
<p>pretty awesome! I have a ton a scraps...these would be fun to make for and with my niece! Thanks for sharing!</p>
This is so cute!
That's adorable!!!

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