Picture of Wooden Raspberry Pi Handheld

Hello, this is a step-by-step instruction on how to make a wooden raspberry pi handheld.

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Step 1: Things you need

Picture of Things you need

First you need a raspberry pi, no matter if you are using a model A or B. I used a raspberry pi model B because it has got more RAM. Then you need a screen for it, I used a 4.3" TFT car monitor. The screen should accept 5 v, for 3.5" or 4.3" car monitors are lots of guides how to make them working with 5 volts. And you need a USB battery pack, it should have at least an 1 A usb output. You will also need a micro usb AC adapter if you have no. For the buttons I used a snes usb controller. You even need an ON/OFF switch and some wires. Last but not least you need some cables, one with an usb female port, another one with a female micro usb connector, one with a female 3.5 mm headphone jack (I used some extension cord for usb, micro usb and 3.5 mm headphone) and finally 2 USB to micro usb cables.

You should also have some tools and solder skills.

Step 2: Removing Components (optional)

Picture of Removing Components (optional)

This step is optional. We will remove some components from the raspberry pi to make it thinner. Huge things on it are the ethernet jack, the double usb port, the RCA connector (yellow thing) and the audio connector. Let us begin!

First remove the double usb connector using a side cutter. You can break it down with a bit of violence. It is a bit tricky, but I have also managed.

Secondly remove the ethernet jack. You can cut some pins with a side cutter and with a flat screwdriver you can pry it down.

Finally remove the headphone jack and the RCA connector. You can easily cut the pins down.

After this reduction test if your raspberry pi still works!

Step 3: Make the screen using 5 volts

Picture of Make the screen using 5 volts

For making the screen using 5 volts there are some tutorials in the web. It should work with this one:

But do not solder on an usb connector!

How big is the complete build? Could you upload a picture with it next to something for comparison?

fernseher1 (author)  rachael.lipp.187 months ago

Hi, the whole thing had a height of about 3.2 centimetres. Right now I am doing a re-build because I want it to be thinner, when I am finished with it I will make an instructable for this too.

It seems a bit too wide, if you ask me a good portable should easily fit in your pocket, and i thing it would be easy to slim it into a gameboy sized (-ish) portable, because the only thing making it that thick is the screen

metroidfan11 months ago
Thank you for making this instructable, I am making a raspberry pi gaming handheld in an atari lynx 2 housing.