Step 3: 'Body' Attached to Plywood

Right, so now you have to take your plywood and line it up perfectly with the body. If you left 'safety' room on the plywood, then try to get the 'body' in the middle of the plywood. You want a strong wood glue, but if you are doing the extra secure method below, then it doesn't really matter (but you will need a strong glue later in the project).

Optional (recommended)

Hammer nails in through the plywood and into the 'body' at regular intervals. Use however many you think you will need to make sure it never comes apart.
<p>I've been making Pucks for this type of game now for about 10mos. They work Great. Email me if you want more information. jimruthstep@hotmail.com. Thanks.</p>
Hi, I just finishe mine but I need the pucks. Is the ball bearing flush on the bottom, and what thickness did you use, I assume the bearing won't roll as it is stuck.<br>Could you please let me know<br>Thanks<br>
When I was 11 there was no Internet :(<br>Nice work, by the way.
Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it. When I was eleven, there was lots of Internet :) <br>Such a useful invention, the world-wide web. Thank you Mr Berners-Lee!<br><br>Anyway, yeah, happy you thought it was good :)
Excellent work, but dude, please: dimensions?
??????? <br>there are dimensions...

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