Step 1: Ideate!

I drew a LOT of different shapes of rockets. While this isn't necessarily a key part of building the project, doing a bunch of quick sketches can help you collect your thoughts. It also gives people a chance to give you feedback before you spend a lot of time making a thing.

After I made some quick thumbnail sketches, I had my friends pick which one they thought was the cutest. I scaled up the drawing of their favorite.

<p>As the recipient of the original, I can confirm that it's a pretty awesome gift! At some point I think I'll make a little light-up stand for it or something.</p>
<p>How about an LED that shines up through the bottom of the acrylic rod and illumiates the windows?</p>
The acrylic is inserted from the side so I'd need to drill up through the bottom in order to do that. Although I'm sure I could make it work I'd rather not modify the rocket itself.
<p>This turned out really well! It's adorable :)</p>
<p>I love lathe puns!</p>
Really nice! Voted
<p>Thank you so much!</p>
<p>That is wonderful, definitely going to have to try this project out. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Thanks! It was a pretty quick project - like 2 days of work - especially if you do the fins more efficiently than I did, haha.</p>
<p>Absolutely beautiful!</p>

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Bio: I'm an engineer, designer, and maker studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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