Materials list:

* Plywood
* Scrall saw
* Glue
* wire
* Rubber band

Step 1: Thanks to Http://yappaps3.blog.shinobi.jp/

Thanks to http://yappaps3.blog.shinobi.jp/

Save this pdf file: http://psychodrive.nobody.jp/jackalz2.pdf

Print it out and paste it on to the plywood.

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces

Cut out all the pieces.......

Step 3: Use Small Pins to Keep Parts Together

Use small pins to keep parts together

Step 4: Combine Them Together

Combine them together.

Left view :

Step 5: Combine Them Together

Combine them together.

Right view:

Step 6: Trigger

User rubber band to keep the trigger in place.

Step 7: Please, Visit My Site for More Photos

Looks cool, but does it shoot anything?
Mr. &quot;Kaptain Kool&quot;,<br>Thanks for your comment.<br>Yes, it shoots anything you want.
DUDE the is no problem whit gun why no buddy lefts a comment.
the link to the pdf doesn't work is there another place to get it?

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