Picture of Wooden Rug
Ever think, "Hmm, I wonder if a rug could be made from wood?" Well, I have, and subsequently, made one. Using rectangular shaped blocks of premium walnut wood, rope, and aluminum piping, I designed and happily stood on a wooden rug. How many people can say that?

Follow this tutorial for the how-to!
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Step 1: Measuring and Cutting

Picture of Measuring and Cutting
I had two 8 foot walnut wood planks, that were about 5 inches wide. I decided I wanted simple rectangular blocks for the rug, so I went with a 5 x 2.5 inch rectangle.

The best tool for doing about 40 of these rectangle blocks is probably a chop saw. As you can tell from the pictures, I started off using a band saw, but it was taking way too long, and the cuts, obviously, weren't wonderfully straight. Chop saw all the way.

I cut about 40 of these bad boys, then sanded them to a smooth finish.

Step 2: Drilling

Picture of Drilling
After fiddling around with different configurations, I decided to go with a staggered, brick-like pattern for interest and movement.

I would be using a strong 1/2 inch cotton rope to hold the blocks together, but since I wanted the top of the rug to be smooth, I would need to drill into the sides of the blocks, thread the rope through these holes, for a flawless rug surface.

Since my blocks were 5 inches wide, I would drill two holes into the sides of the blocks, both at the 1 inch mark of each side. This way the staggered configuration could hold strong.

I used a drill press to make the holes, and a drill bit that was slightly larger in diameter than my rope. I made a quick jig on the drill press that would allow me to just insert a block and press down, creating a precise hole. Otherwise, I would spent hours perfectly measuring and marking where the holes should go. This saved me a bunch of time as I would be making 2 holes for 40 blocks. yikes!
oldaugie7 months ago
Does it trap dirt?
ScubaSteve519 months ago

Nice craftsmanship! Not a bad idea, but as others have looks like a trip hazard. If you could bring the slats to within 1/8" of each other it would be more practical...perhaps you could use brass washers as spacers for a nice accent. This "rug" probably weighs a ton, but it would look nice on a wall.

Not only this, but round off the edges and corners, so they're easier on the feet.
greymax18 months ago

I heard of cutting a rug but this is a great idea! Kudos!

amalkhan (author)  greymax17 months ago

Hah! I love a good pun!

Sam DeRose8 months ago

Oh wow! This is a fantastic idea.

Preval8 months ago

This looks amazing. Great finish!

JenPat8 months ago

This is gorgeous!

gecko_girl38 months ago
Beautiful piece and great 'ible! Your instructions and photos leave no room for misunderstanding and the finished product is devine!

As someone else suggested I think I'll try my hand with a smaller scale rug and make placemats. Hemp rope and wooden beads/spacers would flow with the over all design as well as add to the natural feel of things.

Thanks for sharing your work!!
cmannaberg8 months ago

I made a rug like this using cedar. I have one inside my sauna and it is perfect. The other is outside on the balcony. I used flexible polyethylene tubing instead of rope. A larger diameter tubing was used for spacers, instead of aluminum tubing.

At the end of the rope, instead of a knot, I used a stainless steel screw that fits tightly into the end of the tubing

Unfortunately, the tubing has not held up well outside where it is exposed to UV. I need to find a better material.

vincent75208 months ago

very nice

i'll keep it mind

snoopindaweb8 months ago

I'd leave as is to allow for stomping mud off boots, etc.

Very cool looking. I'd worry about dirt/rocks getting between the rug and the wood floor and scratching things. Maybe putting rubber or felt on the bottom of the block might help prevent this?

Cheese Queen9 months ago

Unfortunately, wearing heels or going barefoot would be problematic on this "rug". But its pretty- I'd like it as a patio wind screen.

Bettybstt9 months ago

Beautiful - I just wouldn't want anybody standing on it!

boxcarmj9 months ago

Very nice, thank-you!


David Catriel9 months ago
very cool and authentic idea. would make excellent place mats, too!
moover9 months ago
BigRed19739 months ago

Just beautiful!!

critopadolf9 months ago
Do you think that 2.5" x 1.25" blocks would be too small?
jbrown1209 months ago
I'd imagine I'd stub my toes a lot
Roryfkl9 months ago

Beautifully done! Very creative!

vfrpic9 months ago
I love it. I would recommend using nylon or synthetic rope or parachord if this is going to be used outside our in a damp environment. Great job!
mustafaa9 months ago
very good. You just need frame
lverzino9 months ago
Is it hard to clean ? Cuz I'm loving this

I'm guessing the women in your life prefer flats.

Icesphere9 months ago
That's so cool and the best part is that it's solid but flexible and could be used for other things like a moving wall or hammock and could also probably be made of different materials like plastic
YerGramma9 months ago
Great idea and a beautiful end result! Thanks for posting it.
Wroger-Wroger9 months ago

Where I live it gets VERRRRRRRRY cold in winter and I use wooden boards on the concrete - trouble is that crap - for some reason, likes to pile up UNDER the boards etc....

sebastian229 months ago
Very cool idea. Im extremely jealous of your workshop.
Gregbot9 months ago

awesome! Thanks!!!

AngryRedhead9 months ago

Soooooo pretty!

Cameronmo9 months ago

This would look cool on a wall, as a background for some frames or something.

Carleyy9 months ago

Very cool! How stable is the rug? I imagine the wood blocks move around a lot.

Stone_UFO9 months ago

cool idea