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Introduction: Wooden SUP Board (environmentally Friendly)

This was my spring project...an environmentally friendly hollow wooden SUP board (12'6 x 27")...

A learning-by-doing-project that includes plenty of stuff I've never done before!

Step 1: Notes

I started to measure a Naish Javelin 12'6 and did some good looking notes to get some idea of the project.

Step 2: Design and a Surface Model

Then I did a design I liked and a surface model in 3D.

Step 3: The CNC Router and the Jig Saw

When the 3D model was done I did all the necessary parts in my DIY CNC router and with my jig saw. The stringer consists of two parts joined together as a puzzle.

Step 4: Stitch and Glue

All parts were stitched together by steel wire and than glued with bio epoxy.

Step 5: Handle

The board also needs a handle so you can carry it!

Step 6: Stitch and Glue...again...

I also stitched and glued the hull and the deck to the structure.

Step 7: Laminating

I used environmentally friendly Biotex Flax fiber and bio epoxy when I laminated board.

Step 8: Finbox

Finally the finbox was mounted.

And last but not least...the SUP board also needs something to attach a leash and an air vent so it won't pop when the sun shines on it (because it's hollow).

I bought D-ring camera screws and brass threaded inserts on ebay and used them for both leash attachment and air vent.

Step 9: DONE

It's DONE and the board works great in both flat water and rough water! =)

Things to think of before starting a project like this:

  • Choose your wood carefully...I didn´t. My board became a real heavyweight. Choose lightweight plywood like paulownia or similar.
  • Also have a lot of epoxy at home...there will be some panic situations if you don´t...trust me! =)

...otherwise it's just to start building!!

Step 10: Uploaded Files!

Finally I uploaded some files!!

2 3D models (SUP_Fishbone & SUP_Surface_Model) and some JPGs to print on paper if you want to do it with your jig saw! =)

Regarding the JPGs:
If you want the same size as I have you have to scale the stringer to 12'6" and the widest section (section 5) to 27" (use same scale-% to all other sections)....Or scale to fit your wanted size!

Remember that the CAD model is just an "underlay" and not 100 % accurate in a wooden true life...I do CAD better than handcraft...

You probably have to modify it so it fits your board as you build it as I had to do. I used alot of violence to get the hull right in the nose and stuff got broken but with some epoxy and sawdust all went good!

I didn't cut out the holes in the stringer as in the CAD model...I just used my hole saw. Remember to add material for the "puzzel" connection in the stringer (https://www.instructables.com/file/F8N9RSGIDTAX9IG) I also added stuff to strengthen the place where you stand (https://cdn.instructables.com/FUN/WITV/IDQU01WK/FUN...)

For more info how to build and building techniques for this kind of SUP, google kaholo stand-up paddleboard and search on youtube.

If you have questions...just ask!

Good Luck! //Martin



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    Wow, this looks fantastic!

    If you felt inclined to share your CNC files, I bet people would love that. Did you add any kind of grippy surface to the top of the board?

    2 replies


    I'm very happy with the board...it turned out great!
    No grippy surface...I was thinking about cork but I dropped that and I'm using surf wax instead.

    I will be glad to share the 3D model if people want to try it out! =)

    Hi there

    Could you send me a copy of your CNC files for this project? Very keen to give it a go.


    Excellent work! It looks amazing. I wonder if you could share with me the files to try this roject. Diego.iglesia.nieves@gmail.com. Rhank you and ngratulations

    1 reply


    Thank you!
    Sorry for VERY late answer!!

    I uploaded all stuff here on Instructables and added another step with some info!



    hello very nice job.

    i'm maxi, from Argentina.

    I would like you build one, you give me some plans.

    I am a hobbyist woodworker.

    I leave my email: maxxismay@gmail.com


    1 reply


    Sorry for VERY late answer!!

    I uploaded all stuff here on Instructables and added another step with some info!



    Hi. Nice work! Is love to build one. How can I obtain a copy of the CNBC files? Many thanks.

    1 reply


    Sorry for late answer!!

    I uploaded all stuff here on Instructables and added another step with some info!



    Looks great, I want to build one with my 10yo grandson, do you have a site where I can download the lines and files for building, or send to my email, lynnharlynn@gmail.com thanks for any help

    1 reply


    Sorry for late answer!!

    I uploaded all stuff here on Instructables and added another step with some info!



    Great work. I would love to try this build. I don't have a cnc but perhaps I can use your file to create a pattern if you're open to sharing. mrjoediablo@gmail.com.
    Again, looks awesome. Joe

    2 replies

    Hi Joe!

    Thanks! A jig saw will do fine! I email you some stuff!


    Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for sharing your template. Joe

    if you could please share your files in dxf that would be amazing thank you.