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The most "woodworky" clamp of all woodworking clamps. I am always in need of more clamps, and I prefer to build my own tools. Imagine my delight when I discovered Jorgensen makes a kit that fills all my needs and desires. They're relatively cheap and well made. The kit leaves lots of room for improvisation and you can go as crazy over the top or as down to earth as you want with your choice of materials.

The instructions were ok. All the information is there, but the diagrams/charts are a pain to read. There are a lot of random oddball measurements used. Even with those disadvantages, there is no reason you couldn't knock a bunch of these out in a day. Even with my added wait times for glue to dry, I don't have a lot of time invested.

I like the way the plywood looks, but also think the stability will allow these to last for a really long time without warping. As you can see in the video, the table saw does most of the work. I see no reason why this project couldn't be completed with just a tablesaw, drill and a couple drill bits.

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gm280 (author)2016-07-29

Nice work. I was wonder how you were going to do the threaded rods and pivot bolts inside. I see you purchased the hardware. Was kind of hoping you treaded your own for more information. Nice anyways.

dpmakestuff (author)gm2802016-07-31

My friend John at has plans and a video on how to build your own without the kit. I wanted to test these kits out and since it was my first time building a clamp, I felt more comfortable with this. Thanks for watching!

ksjunto (author)2016-07-30

Very nice craftsmanship! Well done

dpmakestuff (author)ksjunto2016-07-31

Thanks very much!

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