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When my speaker broke thought i could make something of it. When i took it apart i got two small and one big bass speaker. I also had a amlpefier chip laying around. So when you put those two together you'll get an awsome speaker. This project takes about two days to make. You also need to know how to solder. But it isn't a difficult project. I think i might make it into a Bluetooth speaker. But that would be another project.

Step 1: The Wooden Case

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For the wooden case i made this ^. All the measurements are on there. For the box i used 2 cm wide plywood. You can also make the box smaller, but when you make is smaller there wont that much bass. If you dont have a hole drill you can also just make a small hole and get an electric saw and make the cirkel. When you put the case together you need to use 4 screws on each side. You also need to drill some extra holes for the led light, the switch and the wire thats going out of the speaker.

Step 2: The Electronics

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For the electric part of the project i also made something ^ you do need a soldering iron to do it. It isn't very difficult but if You're a beginner i would suggest getting help from someone who knows how how to solder. When soldering you also have look out that you the Put the wire thats going in the phone in the box first and then you soder it. You also need to put the chip in with hol gleu or a scew. And when put in the led you have to put a transistor with it socit doesn't burn out.

Step 3: Done

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Great job your done. Now you can listen so some tunes on your new speaker.

If you need any help you can just ask me in the comments. :-)


WarreV3 (author)2016-07-14

All this is powered with a small battery, does it have enough power?

Howterson (author)WarreV32016-07-15

it's all Powered with a 9 volt battery. You can have around 10 hours of music time before the battery is empty. But i'm thinking of getting a 9 volt rechargeable battery.

Ps, if you more more time on the speaker you can just put in two 9 volt batterys in parralel.

WarreV3 (author)Howterson2016-07-15

ah ok, i'm now disassembling my logitech z523 because my right speakers potentiometer is broken and i can't fix that so i want to make a boombox, but i don't know how to connect the right speaker because the connector has 9 wires to the amplifier, and i don't need them all

DonSteve (author)2016-07-04

Just an idea - put some rubber strips between the speakers and the wood to act as a vibration damper so that you don`t get the wood vibrating and screeching when the bass hits.

Also put some rubber on the bottom of the box too.

Howterson (author)DonSteve2016-07-04

thats a great idea, thanks for the support.

ps. i already put rubber on the bottom of the box.

tominjose (author)2016-07-03

Pretty neat!
Which amp you are using?

Howterson (author)tominjose2016-07-03

well, for a school project we had to make the amp so i dont know what kind of amp. I am still kind of a beginner in the soldering world.

But if you help with anything else you can just ask me. :-)

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