Wooden Spear for the Dispatching of Vampires.





Introduction: Wooden Spear for the Dispatching of Vampires.

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Yeah, thats right Edward, I am looking at you.

I decided that I wanted to produce a nice short spear prop, I was talking about making it from cheap wood and painting silver (similar to a lot of cosplay and larp props), when KentsOkay suggested I just make the spear tip from wood itself.

Why wood? because a stake in the heart is the surest way to take out a vampire.

So here is the result of that project.

The spear tip is made from a piece of scrap wood I had laying around, I draw out the rough shape I fancied (partly inspired from hellboy 2). Once I had cut out the spear shape, I then took to sculpting it with my power sander. You could sand it by hand, but it was a lot quicker that way.

The core of the spear is a metal tube, the metal tube fits onto the spear head with a metal pole, I drilled a hole into the tip the same diameter as the pole.

The tube was then covered in sheet tyre rubber, with a little sculpting using scrap wood at the end of the handle.

To finish I used a mix of a leather grip with a wire trim, and a thread based grip that is made by winding white cotton around the handle, then staining it in the same colour I used on the spear tip. I used PVA to seal the thread grip. Most of the leather was attached using hot glue gun.

Sorry this is not a full instructable, but I was just having too much fun making it to stop and take pictures. Combined with not wanting my expensive DSLR in the same room as all that sanding, and I decided a slideshow would suite best.

Slideshows are an under appreciated format, which is a shame, because it suits this kind of unique one off projects very well.

- gmjhowe



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    gmjhowe said "sheet tyre rubber." My guess is he meant to type "tire." In which case, go to your local bike shop and ask them for a junked inflatable tire tube off a flat tire that someone brought in. They may not have any lying around, but they may give you a call the next time they replace one. Or just buy a replacement tube - think they run about $5-6.

    In the UK it is spelt 'tyre' instead of 'tire' in the US

    The sheet rubber is actually recycled tires, normally found on the bottom of pallets for traction.

    Hehe now i must find the residence of Edward Cullen

    I have not tried it, the main shaft being metal would probably make it fly pretty well. Not sure if it would survive any impact though!

    might want to work some silver dust into the wood grain 1 it will look cool and 2 I will improve it's effect

    looks nice, it looks a lot like the spear the bad guy carries in the Hell Boy and the Golden Army movie

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    actually i was thinking kind of a combo of that and a Kunai

    Thanks, to quote my description

    'I draw out the rough shape I fancied (partly inspired from hellboy 2).'

    I liked the idea and the shape, but wanted something unique.

    Yeah but I'm pretty sure I'd want to be on that guy's side. No offence Gmjhowe if your reading this.

    Does this work against hobo's?

    I might do a video later and add it in!

    .. of dispatching a Vampire I hope... ;-)

    vampires must die and if you know how to do it then FANG CHECK! * lifts up upper cheek and reveals no fangs*

    very nice i must say greatly reseamples the heart spear that the elvish prince twin carries in helboy 2

    If I ever become a vampire, I shall live underground for eternity, cause just the thought of someone pointing that scary sharp thing at me (let alone trying to jab my heart with it), is a scary thought.

    Nice work, and now I have to sleep in a nice and dark room, fearing the wrath of gmjhowe. *gulp*