Wooden Spin Top


Introduction: Wooden Spin Top

About: Come spend some time in the shop. I'm a hobbyist woodworker and professional computer geek in Northern California. I guess my projects will vary widely, and I have no clue what I plan to make next...

Sycamore wood turned into a classic wooden spin top. I thought vintage toys we're suppose to be easy to use?!



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    This is just like a Taiwanese spinning top. Same idea but bigger and looks different.

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    Bigger is an understatement! Those are enomorous! :)

    No kidding. This sucker took a real beating! :)

    Very nice spin top. To launch it, the only learning method is to try, to try, to try, to try, ...

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    Thank you very much! (And thanks for the patch!)
    You're right, sometimes it's just about not giving up! :)