Hi, My name is Jeroen and I am a amateur model maker. I make models (mostly working)
from pictures and mostly from wood. I am currently working on a Trebuchet http://www.instructables.com/id/Trebuchet-working-model-build-step-by-step/ I do this in my garage. However since it is quite cold over here I wanted to start with a project
I can start off in house.

My oldest son is a Star Wars fan and asked me if I could build a Star Wars AT-AT walker he can play with. I thought it
would be a cool idea to do this. As mentioned I never build from model kits. I draw my own building instructions based on just an idea or from a picture. This part I like most of building models from wood.

To do this right I needed a way to understand the dimensions and the parts of a AT-AT walker. Therefor eI decided to build one first out of cardboard based on a paper kit I found on the internet. SO this has been created by someone else and free to download. I have downloaded the pages and software and started building the paper model first.

Based on the paper model I will start figuring out how to build the actual wooden model.

You can find the paper model for printing to download from (I am building the 70cm model):

To open the PDO instruction file, download pepakura:

Just to be clear, I have not created the plans for the paper model. I am just building this paper model first to understand the pats and dimensions to create the wooden model.

This is work in progress. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Good luck,



Step 1: Creating the paper At-At walker model

<p>Look forward to the finished project and instructable. Good luck and let me know when it's completed :-)</p>
That is a good way to get a good look at the AT AT before you build your wooden model. <br>I built one using a wooden base for strength and then used foam and poster board for much of the body and head. The legs needed to hold the weight, so they were wooden. <br>Mine was a bit larger than the toy one they sell.
Now I am also on Facebook <br>http://www.facebook.com/jerry.model.blogs

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