This is a little how-to about making Veneer wooden stickers. You can make anything from spice labels to bumper stickers. Created on a Trotec Speedy 300 at Techshop-Austin.

Step 1: Create Your Design

Decide what it is you wish to print with the laser. I pulled a design from the interwebs for this one and loaded it into Adobe to tweak it and make it the way I wanted. You can do pretty much anything you choose with the laser. It prints gray scale and can cut fine details. 
&quot;The veneer will form around cylindrical forms, but only following the wood grain. Test the direction of the bend before you cut so it will bend right for you&quot; <br> <br>what kind of cylindrical forms have you been sticking these to? I'm imagining using them as inlays on a cylindrical spice container I'm planning on turning on the wood lathe. What do you think?
Your piece is much too fine and fancy for this, but my mind keeps wanting me to get some darts. Must be the cork board influence.
Very nice, I like the pattern, it seems to be related to squaring the circle or drawing a square and a circle with the same length perimeter: http://www.craigdemo.co.uk/ASignInTheSky.pdf

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