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This instructable will show you the basic concept behind the construction of this box. These boxes can be different sizes but this one is roughly 32in×17in×18in

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed
2 boxes of 1 1/4in wood screws 50
3 hinges (what ever you decide)
4 18in×4in panel board
2 1in×2in×6ft
1 clasp hinge

pocket hole jig
miter saw
table saw
tape measure

Step 2: Cut the Boards and Drill Pocket Holes

Cut the 4 panel boards into 32in lengths. Use the pocket hole jig on the two of the excess boards left from the 32in cuts and drill on the on short ends (about 16in) and two of the 18in ends. Use the pocket hole jig on two of the 32in panels only on one of the 32in sides.

Step 3: Making the Frame

screw the pieces together. I used clamps to hold pieces together but it's not necessary. After all 4 pieces are connected, place the frame on one of the left over 32in panels. Mark the excess and cut off with table saw. Screw frame onto your new base. measure the height on the side and cut the 1x2x6 to size (4 pieces) and screw them on from the inside.

Step 4: Lid, Handles, and Hardware

Lay the last panel on the top of your box and mark it and cut it just like you did the base. cut 2 6in pieces from the 1x2x6 and these will be the handles. measure how high you want to have the handles and screw them into place from the inside. Place the hardware in the places you want them and screw into place. lastly measure the short length of the lid and cut 2 pieces to that length out of the 1×2×6. Use the miter saw to cut the ends at 45 degree angles. Screw them on the lid from inside.

Step 5: Done

Just like that you're done! Made this for a coworker and he wanted to stain it so I don't have a picture of it stained but I can guarantee you that it looks a lot better stained.

Step 6:


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Where did you find these wood panels? I think they look really nice but I can't find anything like them.


Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for ways to make my kids a "treasure" box so they can store their toys. This seems pretty simple for me to make (I'm new to woodworking) but I may try to stay away from the pocket screws idea since the few times I've used pocket screws, the project seemed sort of loose. (It may be an operator error) also, I may join my own panels or use plywood. I'm a sign maker and the one time I used the same type of panel boards you used the wood split almost at the end of my elaborate sign. I just lost faith in those boards...anyway, thank you for sharing this idea. Thank you for your service and Go Navy!

How much did it cost to make?

if I remember correctly it was under $100

I love how this storage box looks with the coat of varnish on! I would prefer it to be a bit more stained, but it's an awesome job all around. Well done!

thank you! I would have liked a darker stain as well but I made it for someone else and that's what they wanted lol


Hey there "flyboy" and a salute for your service from an old "coastie"...

Nice 'ible.. and a nice looking finished job.

Drop over to www.woodworkingtalk.com

Great bunch of people helping each other with woodwork projects.


Nice bit of work. There are several variations on the theme,of course. Rope handles or battens set across the corner battens, for instance. You could also put the battens on the inside or frame each panel . Cut nails or roseheads for a decorative rustic touch. Set on end you have a small cupboard. Set on it's side, so the door opens down, a campaign desk. The list goes on.

No, you don't need a shop full of power tools to do the work. They are handy, but a decent set of hand tools will do as well, perhaps better in some cases.

gasoline on a fire, here goes,

get a milk crate,

first cut 5 pieces of old wooden wall paneling, that will make up the insides of the box screw them into the plastic crate first bottom, then walls so they cover the edges of each other.

Then cut 12 piece of 3/4X3/4 or 1X1 into lenghts that fit into the corners of a milk crate, screw 1 or two screws into each piece (predrill holes). You may remove the screws holding in the panels first, You may wish to make one side the back and make the piece of wood 1X4 and place at the back top part, so you can use hinges. Now cut 5 pieces for out side. Screw them in right through the plastic/outer sides, and into the inner wood corners. If you want the lid to open on a hinge, make a lid from 3/4 inch plywood, and if your wall board is nice, cut a piece and glue/mail it to the top, attach hinges and hasp

I never used hinges I left an inner edge and scew nailed my lids lids on. I also sometimes took strips of 3/4X3/4 and screwed on rails on all long sides and two handles. If you want handles reenforce the sides so they have somethig to screw into.

I made these to pack tools, to move into a new place and storage I never used hinges.

Tools, razor knife, screw gun, hack saw screw drivers, and either a jig saw or a small underpowered circular store.

Materials were milk crates, old wall board, scrap crap 3/4 inch square, screw nails, maybe some I also used some plain old white glue (permanent type, wood glue IS better)

cost to me Zero. except for time. If I still have one I will post a picture. Some one dropped one off a scaffold at six feet, snapped some wood, never opened. I gave them all away , but there could be 1-2 lurking in basement! I am not a carpeter, I do electric, these were transporter boxes for me. Anone who might want to steal, did not know what was in the boxes. I used enough screws to slow down people with screwdrivers! Today batt operated tools would make these easy prey! But if you added two hasps and locks even if hinged, then drive 4 screw nails into the outer edge (in mine), you make it much harder.

This project is very expensive, but if that is what was needed it is a great instructable. Could the author do better, sure, and if NASA kept up the pace, we would be on Pluto by now, every advance helps us be better!

keep it up, take a class if you can, it will improve your stuff.


I appreciate your input! I know I could have done better as a author and I know this isn't an excuse but I posted it on my phone and my time was limited. I would love to take classes but I'm in the military so my time aside from work and taking care of my 7 month old is pretty limited. Once again I appreciate your comment and if you could find a picture that would be awesome!