Last month I was at a BBQ and the house next door was cutting down their beautiful Eucalyptus tree.  I noticed they had a lot of spare tree trunk chunks, so I asked If i could have one and they said "Sure!".  I hauled the 150lbs stump back to my home and turned part of it into a beautiful stump wall clock.  

I made it at TechShop San Francisco and it was very easy to do!

Step 1: Materials

1.  Tree Stump
2.  Crosscut Saw
3.  Power Sander
4.  Glue
5.  Shellac
5.  Clock Kit
Was this too big to fit into the bandsaw? Or is there some other reason you didn't use the bandsaw?
I use Techshop for tools and the stump was 150 lbs and up 3 flights of steep San Francisco stairs, so I figured it would be easier to use a hand saw than haul it around. Put I'm sure a band saw would work better. Though my stumps diameter was around 18" so I'm not sure if a band saw could handle that well.
Ah, that's a heavy stump. Don't they have an elevator for that kind of thing? <br> <br>That's one benefit of the SJ Techshop -- no stairs ;-) <br> <br>-Caleb <br>
I love how simple this is, and I am glad I read more the wood looked so small until I saw things to size reference. Well done!
Awesome! :)
Love it! great work :)

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