Last month I was at a BBQ and the house next door was cutting down their beautiful Eucalyptus tree.  I noticed they had a lot of spare tree trunk chunks, so I asked If i could have one and they said "Sure!".  I hauled the 150lbs stump back to my home and turned part of it into a beautiful stump wall clock.  

I made it at TechShop San Francisco and it was very easy to do!

Step 1: Materials

1.  Tree Stump
2.  Crosscut Saw
3.  Power Sander
4.  Glue
5.  Shellac
5.  Clock Kit
Is it just me, or your clock kit has a extra long shaft? I'm looking around, and most kits I find seem short. I guess I could just make a bigger hole to fit in the whole thing inside.
Was this too big to fit into the bandsaw? Or is there some other reason you didn't use the bandsaw?
I use Techshop for tools and the stump was 150 lbs and up 3 flights of steep San Francisco stairs, so I figured it would be easier to use a hand saw than haul it around. Put I'm sure a band saw would work better. Though my stumps diameter was around 18" so I'm not sure if a band saw could handle that well.
Ah, that's a heavy stump. Don't they have an elevator for that kind of thing? <br> <br>That's one benefit of the SJ Techshop -- no stairs ;-) <br> <br>-Caleb <br>
I love how simple this is, and I am glad I read more the wood looked so small until I saw things to size reference. Well done!
Awesome! :)
Love it! great work :)

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